Explore Your Options

Once you've selected a design that resonates with you, there are three distinct options to choose from. Each option is tailored to meet different preferences and needs:

1. Digital Design Only (JPG)

Opt for the digital design file if you wish to have the design printed on lining fabric by your trusted made-to-measure store or maker. Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive a link to download the high-resolution JPG file. You can then forward this file to a supplier of your choice for printing, or provide it to your personal tailor or made-to-measure store.

    2. Print on Cupro Lining and Ship

    Choose to have us print the design on luxurious Cupro lining fabric and ship it directly to you. We provide a generous 3 meters of fabric, ensuring ample material for your tailoring needs. Whether it’s to your home, store, or maker, we ensure a seamless delivery of your chosen design on high-quality Cupro fabric. Relish the blend of comfort and elegance that our Cupro linings bring to your attire.

      3. Exclusive Design Ownership

      Fall in love with a design and wish to make it exclusively yours? Opt for the Exclusive Design Ownership. Not only will you receive the digital design file (JPG) for printing, but we will also ensure that the design is back-ordered, making it exclusively available to you. Celebrate your unique style with a design that is as singular as your taste.

        Each option is designed to provide flexibility and cater to your individual preferences, ensuring a smooth journey from selection to wearing your chosen design. Make a choice that aligns with your needs, and enjoy the distinct experience that each option offers.