Frequently asked questions

Where Can We Ship?
We offer global shipping for cut lengths. Whether it's a tailorshop or a made-to-measure factory, we've got you covered. Based in Canada with a branch in China, we offer affordable shipping options in Asia.

Interested in Custom Designs?
Absolutely! Our Design Service is here to bring your vision to life. Share your ideas, colors, and styles, and we'll create something unique for your clients. Contact us to start the conversation.

Bulk Purchase Discounts?
Yes, indeed! Purchasing more than 2 meters? Let's talk about how you can save.

Do You Offer a Product Booklet?
In our commitment to sustainability, we've chosen not to produce physical booklets. Explore our Distinctive Linings online, where you can find all our designs. We operate on a print-on-demand basis, minimizing waste and costs, and supporting our planet.

Can I Request a Sample?
Understanding the importance of touch, we offer samples for you to share with your clients, helping them experience the quality firsthand.

What Material Are the Linings Made From?
Our linings are crafted from 100% Cupro, ensuring quality and comfort.

Can My Design Be Exclusive?
Absolutely! If you're seeking a unique lining that's exclusively yours, we offer an exclusivity option. For a fee of $150, we guarantee that your design will be solely yours, ensuring that no one else will have access to your distinctive creation.