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Distinctive Linings

Abstract Forest Spectrum

Abstract Forest Spectrum

What is MTMFabrics?

Supplier code: L-001368

Amp up your jacket ensemble with our unique lining, a harmonious manifestation of abstract and forms design. Anchored in the tradition of patterns and forests imagery, this lining takes its inspiration from the charm of modern art sensibilities. The color palette is a rich blend of timeless hues, with powerful black as the base, enhanced by captivating nuances of dark salmon and cadet blue. Touches of vibrant crimson interspersed with calming steel blue tones add depth and intrigue to this exceptional design.

The symphony of colors and well-blended patterns evoke a mystifying aura, enchanting every onlooker. The repeated forms add a touch of sophistication and are a nod to the dynamism of the natural world, whilst the abstract elements give it a contemporary edge. Be ready to exude elegance and reveal your distinguished taste with each wear of a jacket containing this luxurious lining.

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