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Distinctive Linings

Abstract Forms Reverie

Abstract Forms Reverie

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Supplier code: L-001232

Unearth your flair for the unique with this abstract jacket lining, meticulously crafted in the style of modernist design. Its underscored by an intriguingly woven play of forms and shapes, truly an art form narrated on fabric. Wrapped up in an enchanting color palette, it beautifully blends the stark gainsboro swiftly transforming into striking darkslategray.
As the pattern unfolds, vibrant hues of tomato tumble into darker undertones of robust darkorange. Adding the finishing touch to this masterpiece, are the unexpected accents of refreshing skyblue that breathe life into every fold of the pattern. This captivating lining is set to decorate your custom made jacket, showcasing your taste for one-of-a-kind stylish designs.
Step into the abstract realm with this remarkable lining, where each glance reveals a new perspective!

internal sku: a90b5f16-a4ed-47d3-b8d6-50acec1f50e6

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