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Distinctive Linings

Abstract Scooter Spectrum

Abstract Scooter Spectrum

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Supplier code: L-001485

Step into a world of expressionistic artistry with this visually alluring jacket lining. The theme is vividly captured in a mélange of thistle, darkslategray, coral, palevioletred, and indianred, creating a fascinating, vibrant panorama that's both bold and nuanced. The imaginative pattern, inspired by the freedom and dynamism of the Expressionism style, comprises scooters that seem to dance.

The exuberant mix of colors creates an eye-catching blend of lavender undertones and coral highlights, while the darker tones of slate gray and indian red bring depth and intensity. The soft palevioletred brings a soothing balance to the overall design.

This lining adds a bold, artistic aesthetic to any made-to-measure jacket, instantly transforming a custom piece into a wearble work of art. It's a perfect choice for the style-savvy individual seeking to make a chic, yet personal fashion statement.

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