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Distinctive Linings

Aerial Feminist Perspectives

Aerial Feminist Perspectives

What is MTMFabrics?

Supplier code: L-001199

Awaken your fashion world with a subtle piece of our jacket lining that stands as a classic example of feminist art in a true sense. This breathtaking design beautifully mirrors an aerial perspective, creating a vision of expansive skies with a dash of lemon yellow for a vibrant touch. The color palette runs from a warm and unique Peru shade which delicately transitions into an earthy Dark Olive Green, adding to the mesmerizing depth and intensity of the design. Complimenting these vivid shades are the blended tones of Cadet Blue resembling the wide-open skies and the profound Dark Slate Gray, akin to enchanting dusk, transforming the canvas into a sight to hold. The elegant hue of Silver strings this mystical palette together, creating a symphony of colors that surprise and delight. Crafted with precise attention to detail, our signature lining enchants anyone looking for a sophisticated touch for their personalized jacket - a style choice that enhances the custom-made article, ensuring it's as unique as its owner.

internal sku: 963e48e4-c829-45cb-9b6c-63ed6f1dc9bb

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