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Ambiance Bird Chiaroscuro

Ambiance Bird Chiaroscuro

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Supplier code: L-001280

Dive into the depth of style with this exclusive lining design inspired by the chiaroscuro movement, featuring the mystical 'Liver Bird' motifs. The dynamic interplay of 'darkslategray' and 'lightgray' forms the backdrop, providing a stylish contrast that oozes sophistication. Piquant accents of 'indianred' and 'rosybrown' beautifully showcases the distinctive Liver Bird motif, creating an impactful visual experience. The subtlety of 'brown' blends in harmoniously, giving just the right amount of depth to the intricate details. This versatile adaptation of the renowned movement translates into an enigmatic representation on the lining, promising a dramatic statement for your custom-made jacket. With its unique blend of colors and the chic pattern, turn yourself into a moving piece of art.

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