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Distinctive Linings

Angelic Abstraction Ensemble

Angelic Abstraction Ensemble

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Supplier code: L-001359

Experience an avant-garde twist to your bespoke jacket with this sensational lining. With a commanding backdrop of dark slate gray, this lining captures a style reminiscent of the post-painterly abstraction period.

The dominant splashes of peru and saddlebrown lend a dynamic edge, evoking a sense of unique sophistication, elegantly bridging the gap between traditional tailoring and the world of abstract art.

Gracefully interspersed are shades of khaki and wheat that add an unexpected yet subtle touch of delight. These contrasting colors create an intricate dance, commanding attention yet delicately enhancing the persona of the wearer.

Exclusively designed and meticulously detailed, this lining adds an invincible charm to your unique, tailored jacket. Showcasing a look that is as individualistic as you, it brings a lively twist to the classic wardrobe staple, making it an absolute masterpiece.

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