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Art Nouveau Wild West

Art Nouveau Wild West

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Supplier code: L-001060

Experience the allure of Art Nouveau, infused in an artistic inner layer of your jacket. This refined lining showcases a wild west inspiration, seamlessly blending with the colors of black and dim gray to form a rich and enticing interpretation of an otherwise rugged theme. Amidst the dominating shades, elements of rosy brown peek through, adding warmth to the underlying grayscale depiction. Flecks of slate gray delicately litter the canvas reminiscent of a stony path against a dusky sky. And to usher in an element of surprise, a brush of medium purple artfully plays in the background, acting as a lively contrast. The design is filled with uniquely artistic forms that make this lining, not just a part of a jacket, but a lifestyle choice, ready to indulge your daily aesthetic cravings. Ideal for your personalized, made-to-measure jacket, this lining oozes individuality. The intriguing color scheme and iconic imagery effortlessly resonate with the vividity of an exclusive style.

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