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Distinctive Linings

Bacteria Artgerm Fusion

Bacteria Artgerm Fusion

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Supplier code: L-001100

Experience a blend of art and self-expression with this exclusive jacket lining. Without revealing the identity of the creator, let it be known that this artwork showcases the visual style synonymous with top-notch comic book art. We've harnessed the beauty of microscopic life forms and brought them to life in an amalgamation of stunning color. At the heart of our design lies the deepest hues of midnight blue, a color that brings the depth and mystery of the night sky to your individual style. We've intertwined this with splashes of medium turquoise adding flair and zest to the overall aesthetic. Enhancing the intricacy of the design are subtle undertones of light blue, eliciting a gentle serenity. This interplays beautifully with contrasting strokes of teal, creating a dynamic visual impact. Finally, the artistry is finely balanced with whispers of dark cyan, offering a final touch of elegance and sophistication to this coveted jacket lining. This lining transforms the traditional jacket into a personalised artistic statement,

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