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Bacterial Unity Gold

Bacterial Unity Gold

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Supplier code: L-001105

Immerse yourself in the vibrant visuals of this exclusive jacket lining, an elegant masterpiece that beautifully portrays elements of abstract expressionism. A noteworthy blend of colors including black, peru, saddlebrown, and various gradients of gray inject this custom piece with a life of its own.

The central motif, deeply inspired by the exquisite complexity of bacteria, is underscored by a tastefully curated cobra gold background. This, in combination with the shared spirit of Unity and Movement, adds to the allure of this lining, provoking an emotion that is both striking and captivating.

The artwork makes a distinct and bold statement, turning your made-to-measure jacket into a canvas of personal expression. This exclusive lining is ultimately where the sublime meets the practical, the audacious meets the timeless, elevating your custom jacket to new heights of bespoke fashion.

internal sku: 75b4c28c-4df0-4212-89b1-b2542bee5fdb

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