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Distinctive Linings

Baroque Hounds Gold

Baroque Hounds Gold

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Supplier code: L-001491

Indulge your sense of whimsy and elegance with this captivating jacket lining. The design draws influence from the masters of Dutch Golden Age painting, embellished with playful renditions of dogs to elevate your wardrobe. Bathed in hues of darkslategray, burlywood, dimgray, darkgray, and a touch of cadetblue, this lining emanates a muted, sophisticated palette that seamlessly transitions from day to nightwear. Inspired by timeless artistry, the intricacy of the design pays homage to historic aesthetics, yet carrying an element of surprise with its mischievous canine companions. Tailored to perfection for your made to measure jacket, this exquisite lining makes a stylish statement, showcasing your unique fashion sensibilities. Let yourself be wrapped in art and sophistication with this distinctive lining. This is beyond just a lining—it's your personalized wearable art.

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