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Black Steel Circuit Elegance

Black Steel Circuit Elegance

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Supplier code: L-001420

Discover the striking allure of this jacket lining that beautifully combines technology with fashion. Dripping with the appeal of a classic street photograph, its design uncannily reminds of sophisticated circuitry, evoking a sense of modern-day chic. The captivating color palette boasts a magnificent blend of black and peru, gently accompanied by portions of saddlebrown. Moreover, it also incorporates the soothing hues of cadet blue and steel blue, adding a unique cool and warm contrast to the design. This visually tantalizing lining is a perfect choice for those who are keen on adding a dash of edginess to their custom-made jackets without compromising on taste or style. Presenting a one-of-a-kind blend of urban sophistication and contemporary appeal, this lining design effortlessly stands out amidst luxury.

internal sku: 56f40397-4d37-4f2a-b603-fcae20c2b92d

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