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Distinctive Linings

Blue Majesty

Blue Majesty

What is MTMFabrics?

Supplier code: L-001582

Infuse a statement of luxury into your custom jacket with this striking lining. Drenched in a dominant midnightblue, the pattern brings a fascinating image of a lion to life. Adorned with richly detailed elements in silver and hints of black, the lion asserts a boldness that is certain to impress. The intricacy is further enhanced by auxiliary accents in lightseagreen and mediumturquoise. These colors together weave a tale of the wild and the opulent, making for an unforgettable presence. This exclusive lining embodies regality and projects a confident yet refined flair. Add this expressive lining to your personalized jacket for a unique edge, marrying classic design elements with a vibrant, contemporary aesthetic.

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