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Caliber Luxuriance Spectrum

Caliber Luxuriance Spectrum

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Supplier code: L-001003

Experience the union of style and precision with this exclusively tailored jacket lining. The intricate design displays a meticulous array of watch calibers, evoking a luxurious atmosphere. It executes a vivid, contemporary expression, reminiscent of iconic modern art styles. The lining's color palette plays with shades of dark slate gray and gray, igniting a very calming and diverse tonal foundation. Contrasting highlights in tan add warm light to the design, breaking the cool aura projected by the colors cadet blue and dark gray. This unique and distinctive custom-made lining is designed to complement any made-to-measure jacket, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. After all, the beauty is in the details.

internal sku: e932d34d-3a7f-4fb4-8ca3-cc6f70201f0e

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