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Distinctive Linings

Canine Cubism Ensemble

Canine Cubism Ensemble

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Supplier code: L-001494

Behold the splendor of this unique jacket lining, exploding with an expressionist style motif. Taking inspiration from the geometric abstracts of the early 20th century, you are immersed in an unexpected pictorial adventure of our four-legged friends. Bold figures of dogs, imbued with an array of colors from rosy brown to dark slate gray, brown, gainsboro, and chocolate, make a striking statement about your individuality and creative spirit. More than just a lining, this pattern explores the realms of art, giving a twist to your custom-made suit jacket while adding an avant-garde flair that speaks volumes about your vibrant personality. Embrace fashion that truly stands out in this seamless blend of art and bespoke tailoring.

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