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Celestial Neo-Dada Noir

Celestial Neo-Dada Noir

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Supplier code: L-001031

Immerse yourself in the limitless universe with this enchanting jacket lining. Inspired by the Neo-Dada style, this magnetic design showcases striking celestial maps. This mesmerizing labyrinth of stars and cosmic bodies is dexterously implemented on a chic and shadowy canvas, thus capturing a unique blend of artistic creativity and stylistic innovation. The color palette is just as captivating, with a deep and intense midnight blue that intertwines with a mysterious dark slate blue. Touches of steel blue add another layer of complexity to the cosmic journey, while the black undertones endow it with a sense of mystique. Unexpected strokes of rosy brown skillfully punctuate the design, adding warmth and bringing balance to the overall composition. This sublime lining is meant for the bold, the artistic, and those who aren't afraid to wear a piece of the universe. Perfect for crafting the ultimate custom-made jacket, that tells an intriguing tale of a cosmic voyage, every time it is unveiled.

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