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Distinctive Linings

Celestial Neo-Dada Odyssey

Celestial Neo-Dada Odyssey

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Supplier code: L-001041

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary visual delight with this jacket lining which takes inspiration from the Neo-Dada art style. This uniquely tailored lining is reminiscent of celestial maps, adorned with striking shades of jade green paired with the purity of white.

The deep, tranquil tone of darkslategray perfectly complements the earthy hue of tan, creating a sophisticated balance. Accentuating the design are touches of mediumaquamarine, inducing a subtle hint of serenity. The vibrancy of seagreen merges beautifully with the cool tones of cadetblue, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Experience an enigmatic blend of colors and patterns harmoniously intertwined, that adds an element of mystique and surrealism to your bespoke jacket. A true marriage of fashion and art, this lining promises not only a statement of style, but also a journey into the aesthetic world of celestial imagery.

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