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Celestial Neo-Dada Voyage

Celestial Neo-Dada Voyage

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Supplier code: L-001028

Experience an otherworldly delight with this jacket lining design. Drawing inspiration from Neo-Dada, its visual narrative is reminiscent of celestial maps as seen through a creative lens. The main canvas possesses a captivating hue of midnight blue, fused with stimulating splashes of steelblue, teasing the curiosity of onlookers. Highlights of tan intermingle throughout, providing a subtle contrast against the dominant dark tones. This balance is further complimented by streaks of cadet blue and mysterious teal, adding a deeper dimension to the overall design aesthetics. The effervescent combination of colors seems to tell a story of journey through the celestial. Embark on a sartorial journey of the galaxies with this one-of-a-kind lining, meticulously tailored for your custom-made jacket. Its vibrant design will surely make a bold, stylish statement, transforming your jacket into a piece of wearable art. Feature Highlights:
• Inspired by Neo-Dada style
• Dominating midnight blue canvas
• Contrasting splashes of tan, teal, cadet blue, and steel blue
• Imagery reminiscent of celestial maps Dare to be explorative with your fashion choices and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of this exclusive jacket lining.

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