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Distinctive Linings

Celestial Riddell Shadows

Celestial Riddell Shadows

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Supplier code: L-001113

Embrace a sartorial taste that feels like a journey through the cosmos with this exquisite jacket lining. The design echoes the pen-and-ink illustrative style, exhibiting celestial bodies strewn across the canvas. Five captivating hues - midnight blue, rosy brown, dim gray, light slate gray, and dark gray paint an extravagant spectacle, reminiscent of the night sky. The hushed lilac vibe adds a layer of tranquility to the overall imagery, making it a striking visual delicacy. Envision a tailored jacket that showcases this lining - a dash of individualism, a sprinkling of enchantment, unfolding an ever-evolving cosmos within. Dive into your love for the mysterious universe and let this lining mirror your affinity towards cosmic beauty. Remember, your jackets are not just pieces of clothing; they're extensions of your personality, and nothing speaks distinctness better than a design that charts constellations. Unleash your allure with this bespoke addition. Let it turn your jackets into personal galaxies. A dreamy touch to your fashion ensemble, sure to transport you among the stars.

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