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Distinctive Linings

Cellular CadetBlue Sienna

Cellular CadetBlue Sienna

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Supplier code: L-001496

Rediscover the art of personal expression with this striking jacket lining. Inspired by the style of a pop-art pioneer, this design captures the juxtaposition of human cells with an aesthetically pleasing touch. With a dominant tone of tan, the design seamlessly blends into shades of black and sienna, delivering a captivating visual impression. The additional streaks of cadet blue introduces an unexpected color harmony that is set to captivate and inspire. This custom, made-to-measure design undoubtedly conveys an artistic vision pulling you into an era of abstract and modern art, enhancing your sartorial charm with an unmatched elegance. A perfect choice for those who look for uniqueness in the middle of a crowd. Your style, your statement.

internal sku: 075c5dca-f394-4588-9638-a4bce2f54a21

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