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Distinctive Linings

Cellular Klimt Tapestry

Cellular Klimt Tapestry

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Supplier code: L-001061

Behold the uniqueness of this exclusive jacket lining designed in the style of Symbolist art. This stylish ornament represents the abstraction of plant cells, bringing distinctiveness and sophistication to your garment. The visualization is embellished with a delicate blend of tan, deep darkslategray, vibrant sienna, rich peru and soothing antiquewhite shades. These earthy colors infuse the piece with a warm, natural feeling while also enhancing its attention to detail. Not for the faint of heart, this lining is reserved for those who dare to stand out, providing an elegant touch to a made-to-measure jacket. The symbolic style combined with the cerebral plant cells motive guarantees a fashionable touch that will add a bold statement to your personal style.

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