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Distinctive Linings

Chagall Canine Chic

Chagall Canine Chic

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Supplier code: L-001498

Infuse your personal style into your custom-fit jacket with this highly distinct lining. Echoing the transformative realms of expressionism, this design features an exquisite array of dogs. The black background sets a dramatic stage for this piece, drawing attention to the charm and whimsy of playful dogs rendered in tones of wheat, sienna, and gray.
The color palette showcases the artist's unique expression, with a hint of rose gold adding a luxurious touch to the design. The labyrinthine placement of the dogs captures the dynamic and vivid essence of expressionism, reminding one of a vivid dream sequence. This lining is a powerful statement, an emblem of taste, and an exploration of style - truly making your jacket a standout piece.

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