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Chintz Harmony Spectrum

Chintz Harmony Spectrum

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Supplier code: L-001463

Experience the allure of our custom-made jacket lining, embodying a unique blend of colors and design. This special lining displays an intricate Chintz pattern, lending a dash of timeless classic to your personalized jacket.

Your eyes will be captivated by the mesmerizing play of 'Dark Slate Gray', offering an urbane feel. This is harmoniously interwoven with streaks of 'Wheat', adding a dash of warm, wholesome appeal to the array. In the backdrop lies a refined shade of neutral 'Gray' harmonizing the design. The robust 'Sienna' blossoms across the lining, whilst the 'Dim Gray' subtly accentuates the other shades.

Each color adds depth and character, making this lining a statement of sophistication and style. Opt for this unique palette to add zest and personality to your custom-made jacket.

internal sku: 85b6dbe1-04b2-4abe-9762-dd1f679a6caf

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