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Distinctive Linings

Chirping Expressionism Noir

Chirping Expressionism Noir

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Supplier code: L-001127

Dip into the realm of expressionism with our exclusive jacket lining. Rich hues of 'Peru', 'Black', 'DarkOliveGreen', 'DimGray' and 'Gray' coalesce to trace the energetic contours of chirping birds. The golden accent riveting across the shoulder bestows an elevated touch, accentuating the finesse of the design. A perfect blend of unconventional aesthetics, the lining has been crafted to reflect exclusivity. Made-to-measure, this custom lining elevates your jacket's appeal, making it a statement piece for any trendsetter. With its unique storytelling artwork, it’s not just a lining, but a canvas where art meets fashion. Enjoy the spotlight as this piece brings your persona to life with its sheer elegance and sophistication.

internal sku: 74bae6a1-9748-487e-8ae2-875211615e76

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