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Distinctive Linings

Circuit Noir Steelblue

Circuit Noir Steelblue

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Supplier code: L-001345

Immerse yourself in the world of precision and meticulous design with this custom jacket lining inspired by the style of classic street photography. An intricate, circuit board pattern in the dominant shade of sandybrown provides the backbone of this design, with accents of black breaking up the composition into a visually compelling narrative. Touches of darkolivegreen interweave throughout, adding nuance and complexity to the pattern, while strokes of lightslategray enliven the canvas. A final note of steelblue punctuates the design, offering a subtle hint of contrast that will catch the eye. This highly exclusive lining offers a stunning visual that is both sophisticated and profound; a statement of artistry for the discerning individual.

internal sku: 1174db13-df5e-4fcd-a7b4-82aed299aba5

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