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Distinctive Linings

Circuit Noir Tan Steel

Circuit Noir Tan Steel

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Supplier code: L-001335

Imagine a unique, made to measure jacket lining that showcases an intricately stylish design. This lining echoes the artistic vision found in direct, documentary-style photographs. The main visual, reminiscent of a highly detailed circuit board, is rendered in a sleek black.

Highlighting its exclusivity, the design thoughtfully incorporates a warm tan, adding depth to the captivating matrix. Complementing this, dark olive green elements quietly interplay with shades of cadet blue. The steel blue accents tie all elements together, completing this stunning and distinctive piece. With this lining in your custom jacket, create an unforgettable fashion statement.

internal sku: 3bf900f0-0b75-46e9-b85a-51851221cf6c

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