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Circuitry Noir Fusion

Circuitry Noir Fusion

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Supplier code: L-001257

Experience the style of circuit board designs reimagined in this visually arresting jacket lining. It's a fusion of avant-garde artistry and cutting-edge style, vividly expressed in a rich Peru hue.
An undercurrent of black adds depth and mystery, intertwining with the main design in a way that intrigues the eye, providing the perfect backdrop for the other colors in the palette.
Dashes of dark olive green weave through the composition, enriching the overall aesthetic with an earthy touch that hints at a deep connection to nature and technology combined.
Lastly, nuances of steel blue appear intermittently. It plays a crucial role in achieving an almost metallic, electronic vibe - a nod to the circuit board inspiration.
Built for the discerning individual, this lining promises to add a layer of sophistication and artistic flair to your custom-made jacket.

internal sku: ddbaf180-7e49-4a53-9921-3c6365d2026f

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