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SkySpiral MidScape

SkySpiral MidScape

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Supplier code: L-001285

Experience the aura of an extraordinarily designed jacket lining that captures the essence of a rich midscape, inspired by themes of storm and tranquility. Interweaving a harmony of subtle yet powerful colors including dimgray, striking silver, bold darkslategray, soothing lightsteelblue, and a pop of invigorating mediumaquamarine.

This lining embodies the captivating scene of a swirling cloud at its center, lending a depth and mystery to the visuals that exude sophistication. The edgy aesthetics of the pattern make this inner layer uniquely appealing in its dramatic display. Tailor-made to be a part of your wardrobe, this lining is a nod to exquisite craftsmanship and artistic finesse.

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