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Distinctive Linings

Cobalt Killer Clowns

Cobalt Killer Clowns

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Supplier code: L-001306

Exhibit individuality with this jacket lining that speaks volumes of your unique taste. Heavily influenced by the wonder-filled world of abstraction, it's a fine example of how a simple overlap between the unconventional and the natural can result in something truly spectacular. Brought to life in shades of silver, darkslategray, black, dark gray, and lightslategray, the color palette is a tribute to the ineffable beauty of the night.

The representation of killer clowns attests to the wearer's bravery in challenging norms while incorporating a touch of whimsicality. True to the signature style of the American modernist movement, it translates the dynamic forms of nature into stunning, semi-abstract compositions.

Its distinctive design is sure to make your custom-made jacket not just a piece of clothing, but a canvas that proudly showcases your penchant for queerness and your love for art.

This jacket lining certainly brings about a twist in the sartorial world

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