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Distinctive Linings

Conceptual Imagination Noir

Conceptual Imagination Noir

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Supplier code: L-001012

Immerse yourself in a world of mesmerizing creativity with this jacket lining, where the artistic finesse of conceptual art meets fashion. Dominated by the allure of black and strokes of silver, it captures the essence of a dark sky-blue linear illustration. Awash with elements of sleek steel blue and deep, enigmatic dark slate blue, the lining exudes a refined yet strikingly distinctive aura. Touched with a hint of light slate gray, the design encapsulates a subdued elegance that transcends beyond the ordinary. Worn under a tailored jacket, this exclusive jacket lining whispers stories of unique style - a subtle statement piece that truly sets you apart. Please note, this lining is a representation of the visual surface only and does not comment on the material specifics or its breathability.

internal sku: cc1a1baa-0b37-47a1-9c51-27ff56a911f6

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