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Coral Reef Symphony

Coral Reef Symphony

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Supplier code: L-001329

Embrace the exquisite panache of this marine-inspired jacket lining. The design captures the pure essence of the underwater scene with the vibrancy of coral reefs.
Echoes of darkslategray represent the cascading depths of the ocean, contrasted by enchanting notes of darksalmon, embodying the soft blush of coral formations. Slategray, in its subtle nuances, flawlessly mirrors the oceanic fauna, while the skyblue accents evoke the tranquil ambiance of sunlight penetrating through the water's surface, creating an ethereal glow.
The harmonious interplay of cadetblue evokes the serene seabed, beckoning the mysteries of the underwater world to rise. This lining is a captivating union of colors and marine depiction, meticulously designed to enrich a bespoke jacket with an evocative visual appeal that transcends the ordinary.
Indulge in this immersive aquatic narrative; the perfect complement to any custom-made to measure jacket.

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