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Cosmic Dance Cadet

Cosmic Dance Cadet

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Supplier code: L-001382

Discover the captivating allure of this jacket lining, inspired by the enigmatic depth of surrealism. A fusion of wheat, dark slate gray, cadet blue, sienna, and indian red hues sweep across the design in a cosmic dance of fluid forms, interweaving to create a dreamlike visual spectacle. The teal and coral elements accentuate the overall allure, crafting a multilayered panorama that resonates with both elegance and mystery. Given its unique and mesmerizing appeal, this lining is tailored to add a touch of individuality to your custom made jacket, masters the art of wardrobe intrigue. Step out in style with this visually striking jacket lining.

internal sku: a21f735e-dcc8-4a20-a5d5-70d0940ba8f7

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