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Crystal Cluster Spectrum

Crystal Cluster Spectrum

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Supplier code: L-001245

Make a bold statement with the dynamic power of this made-to-measure jacket lining. An exclusive styling choice that embraces modernist aesthetics, manifested in striking Crystal Cluster design.

Intricate darkslategray clusters mingle with softer lightslategray and lightgray nuances, imbuing a sense of depth and dimension that appears to ripple across the lining. Intermingled within this chromatic symphony are contrasting shades of darkgray, further enhancing the geometric drama of the pattern.

The end result is an artistic rendition of crystal formations, cleverly translating nature's beauty into abstract form. This is not just a jacket lining, but a reflection of your sophisticated taste and unerring appreciation for style.

internal sku: eee3f91c-5443-4479-81cf-54182a3cdac6

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