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Distinctive Linings

Cubist Maritime Gold

Cubist Maritime Gold

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Supplier code: L-001367

Jacket lining design

Step into a distinctive style with this exclusively designed jacket lining inspired by the distinctive perspective and visual rhythm typical of cubism. The vibrant scene of sailors and seas is incredibly dynamic and engaging, with abstract shapes dancing around in sandy brown, black, dark olive green, slate gray, and simple gray colors.

The contrasting shades enliven the design, giving it a true sartorial choice for the discerning individual. The vivid play of the sandy brown with the depth of the black brings out a perfect balance, highlighting the immense attention to detail in the design.

Dark olive green and slate gray tones blend seamlessly, etching out the finer details of the captivating scene. The use of the gray shade, true to the style, provides depth and dimension to the visual, ensuring the lining does not just serve a practical purpose but stands as a statement piece in itself.

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