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Distinctive Linings

Cubist Silver Stallion

Cubist Silver Stallion

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Supplier code: L-001036

Experience a touch of elegance with this bespoke jacket lining, imbued with a visually compelling combination of dimgray, lightgray, black, and darkgray hues. Marvel at the intricacies of its cubist design, featuring abstract shapes that come together to forge an image of a dancing horse. This extravagant piece boasts emerald and silver elements, creating a stunning fusion of color and high detail, resulting in a breathtaking portrayal of motion. For those who fancy an air of sophistication and artistic flair, this extraordinary cubism-inspired jacket lining is a definite must-have.

internal sku: 0e8e5054-37e2-4318-af21-f81587c59f5c

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