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Distinctive Linings

Cybernetic Dream Silhouette

Cybernetic Dream Silhouette

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Supplier code: L-001233

Step into the world of modern sophistication with this remarkable jacket lining, resembling the style of a famous street photographer. The design mimics the breadth of a circuit board, flickering with electricity like the streets at night, pulsating with the life of the city. This exclusive pattern brings together five striking colors to create an intricate, urban design. Deepest black forms the backbone of the design, a glimpse into the night sky or the endless loop of wires. Mixing in evenly is silver, lending a metallic shine to this urban masterpiece. An unexpected splash of turquoise breaks through, reminiscent of neon street signs or a distant hope in the blackened cityscape. Shades of dim gray solidify the powerful appearance, weaving a layer of mystery behind the facades. A rich and purposeful touch of steel blue completes the design, embodying the cool, unwavering rhythm of city life. Conveying an undeniable energy, this lining design is a perfect fit for a custom, made to measure jacket. An embodiment of street

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