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Distinctive Linings

Dachshund Orphism Spectrum

Dachshund Orphism Spectrum

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Supplier code: L-001566

The lining paints a scene of mesmerizing orphism style, composing pictorial elements beautifully within a linear structure. The light gold and dark azure hues mimic a spectacle only found on the Prairie at dusk.

The lining design cleverly echoes dachshund silhouettes, intertwining them into the orphISTIC patterns. Predominantly darkslategray background exhibiting recessive hues of peru and sienna brings an amazing depth to the design. To contrast with these warm colors, elements of darkseagreen splash around the artwork giving it a delicate balance of tone.

A touch of lightslategray discreetly contours the design, enhancing its visual opulence. Created for those with a discerning eye for detail, this lining serves as more than a simple jacket lining. It redefines custom bespoke jackets, turning them into illustrations of your unique expression.

Note: Please beware that the images you're viewing have undergone digital color correction to ensure the most accurate representation, however colors might slightly vary in actual fabric.

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