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Dancing Horse Storybook Palette

Dancing Horse Storybook Palette

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Supplier code: L-001023

Step into an enchanting world of imagination with this exquisite jacket lining. Reminiscent of a whimsical and playful illustrative style, this unique design features a lively depiction of a dancing horse, bringing to life a scene as vibrant as a children's literature masterpiece.

The central hue is burlywood, working as the canvas that further emphasizes the beauty of the other colors. The next layer of color, a smooth gray, imbues the design with a solid foundation, smoothing out the transition to each subsequent hue. The third layer brings forth an intense darkolivegreen, creating a natural backdrop that ties in beautifully with the whimsical theme.

The design isn't complete without the subtle touch of oldlace that subtly plays on the borders, lending a vintage charm. Finally, the design comes together with subtle flourishes of indianred that tease the eyes, enhancing the idyllic charm of this unique piece. With this lining, elevate any custom-made jacket to a piece of art. Capture eyes and hearts with a lining that is as unique as you.

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