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Distinctive Linings

Dark Rose Luxury

Dark Rose Luxury

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Supplier code: L-001502

Immerse yourself in the captivation and allure of our bespoke jacket lining. Prepared with an evocative palette of 'palevioletred', 'black', 'brown', and 'steelblue', this creation holds a unique appeal. The dark rose and burgundy background set a rich backdrop for the colorful paisley pattern, forming a symphony of hues that exude an understated luxury. Add an unexpected dash of charm to your custom jacket with this exquisite lining, praised not just for its beauty but also for the intriguing visual depth it offers, thus becoming a perfect embodiment of modern tailoring.

internal sku: 1cc9f33b-d16a-4f5c-bd69-2bf77cb1092e

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