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Distinctive Linings

Dark Rose Surrealism Blend

Dark Rose Surrealism Blend

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Supplier code: L-001504

Immerse yourself in the vibrant yet moody elegance of our newest exclusive jacket lining design. Drawing inspiration from the Neue Sachlichkeit that characterizes an authentic era of aesthetic sophistication; each detail is a nod to this iconic style.

Our lining captivates the eye with its startling image of dark skulls, bathed in pale violet red and mysterious black, providing a stark contrast against the quiet backdrop. This avant-garde pattern is seamlessly intertwined with delicate butterflies, giving a touching tribute to the power and fragility of nature.

Further enriching this visual treat are the strokes of royal purple that add a hint of fantasy and intrigue, while the play of dark gray and light slate gray imbues a feeling of depths unexplored, further accentuating the artwork's compelling contrast.

This masterful lining design delivers a striking sartorial statement for your bespoke jacket, evoking an aura of stylish intrigue and a clear departure from the mundane. One can truly appreciate the beauty and complexity captured within this unique creation, symbolizing a bold vision of modern attire.

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