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Distinctive Linings

Dazzling Urban Aquamarine

Dazzling Urban Aquamarine

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Supplier code: L-001215

Step into any space with confidence wearing a jacket lined with this visually captivating urban geometry-inspired design. The artistry offers an impression of a mint-green cityscape set against overlapping geometric shapes, blending a modernistic edginess with the charm of retro mosaic patterns. This mesmerizing design contrasted with dark slate gray, medium aquamarine, peru and sienna touches, results in a truly exclusive style that is sure to make a statement. Reminiscent of architecture seen through a prism, this lining adds a bold, contemporary feel to your custom-made, tailored jacket. Turn heads with the unique blend of these captivating colors, proving that style is truly in the details.

internal sku: cde1a28a-c4ab-49a0-90d1-17dbd1daf195

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