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Distinctive Linings

Dazzling Urban GeoMint

Dazzling Urban GeoMint

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Supplier code: L-001217

Take your style to a bravura level with this jacket lining depicting mesmerizing geometry inspired by urban art. Do not be afraid to explore the daring combination of shades; from the striking cadet blue to the subtle light gray, interspersed with bold accents of black and variations of dark slate gray. Each color comes to life, forming intriguing patterns that are both avant-garde and timeless in their appeal. Let the thought-provoking design sway your internal artist to transcend boundaries, adding that unique personal touch to your bespoke jacket. Remember, this is not just about being custom tailored to your measurements, but also custom curated to your individual aesthetic. Taste the premium side of fashion with this daringly distinguishable lining.   Perfect for those who dare to stand out, the cadet blue forms a harmonious symphony with the light gray, while the black accents create depth and a sense of mystery. Each color forms a part of the alluring geometry that is both spirited and complex, perfectly reflecting urban art in its prime.   Be bold. Be different. Make a statement. This is more than just a lining;

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