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Distinctive Linings

Deco Gold Playfulness

Deco Gold Playfulness

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Supplier code: L-001508

Dive into an era of glamour with this carefully designed jacket lining that takes a cue from the flamboyant Art Deco era. Embellished with a captivating, playful motif, the design draws a fine line between simplicity and fascination. The lush tan backdrop harmoniously integrates with intricate black patterns, with a hint of warm sienna adding depth and sophistication. Signature gray highlights weave through the lining, elevating an otherwise classic design to a new pinnacle of refined taste. Our designers intricately hand-paint every detail ensuring the most meticulous of eyes will be enchanted by the brilliance of the composition. Indulge in this timeless piece that is not only eye-catching but also adds a touch of refined elegance to your custom-made jacket. Ideal for those drawn to the audacity of the 20th century, this lining truly captures the jubilant spirit of its inspired era. Days or nights, occasions formal or casual, stand out with your unique taste reflected in the brilliance of the lining that lies beneath the surface.

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