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Distinctive Linings

Diatom Symphony Fuchsia

Diatom Symphony Fuchsia

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Supplier code: L-001056

Be bold and innovative with our exclusive jacket lining inspired by Symbolist aesthetics. This artistic lining boasts a visually impactful design that showcases diatoms, remnants of microscopic alga, echoing the intricate beauty of the micro world. A vibrant blend of colors creates an abstract spectacle - dominant black is intertwined with streaks of brilliant light coral, soothing saddlebrown, a touch of medium turquoise, and hints of steelblue. Felt through the lens of an artist's imagination, it's designed for the fashion-conscious, revealing a vibrant palette that is both intensely alluring yet surprisingly harmonious — sure to set your custom-fit, tailored jacket apart.

internal sku: 53a3a4ab-de22-466e-b7da-c748b061eed0

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