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Dragon Midscape Harmony

Dragon Midscape Harmony

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Supplier code: L-001449

Immerse yourself in a dynamic flurry of abstract expressionism with this custom jacket lining. A powerful display of a dragon swirls within a colossal cloud, manifesting a visual representation of audacity and inspiration. Radiating an intriguing blend of hues including subtle dimgray, invigorating darkkhaki, intense darkslategray, calming darkseagreen, and refreshing mediumaquamarine, this design offers an enchanting conversation starter nestled within your garment. This visually captivating lining serves as a unique secret signature between you and your meticulously crafted, tailor-fit jacket. Crafted for the bold, the explorative, and the imaginative, this one-of-a-kind piece embodies artistry that inspires. Experience the melding of fashion and art every time you don this piece, making every open reveal a fastened promise of an extraordinary style journey.

internal sku: 502ea984-a5e7-4bdb-8ba1-30d272c84ae7

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