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Distinctive Linings

Dreamy Abstract Slate

Dreamy Abstract Slate

What is MTMFabrics?

Supplier code: L-001321

Step into an artistic realm each time you don our custom-made jacket adorned with a lining inspired by the visionary world of the late 20th-century avant-garde movement.

Our exclusive lining hosts a symphony of shades, a masterful blend of 'burlywood', 'black', 'dimgray', 'lightslategray', and 'slategray'. The abstract design, evocative of complex meandering dreams, is an epitome of individuality, fashioned for those who, like our avant-garde inspirer, refuse to be confined by conventions.

The eclectic color palette varies from soft and understated burlywood - a beautiful nod to the earth's soulful hues, to the deeper, contemplative tones of slategray. The striking black pierces through, creating an enthralling contrast and adding a touch of mystery to this surreal landscape.

This jacket lining is decadent, perfect for the urban adventurer seeking a unique statement piece to complement their bespoke wardrobe. Be prepared to enchant and captivate, for this is more than just a jacket lining. It’s a wearable canvas that transforms everyday attire into extraordinary fashion.

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