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Distinctive Linings

Dynamic Coral Motion

Dynamic Coral Motion

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Supplier code: L-001151

Indulge in a feast for the eyes with the vibrant palette on this jacket lining. Swirls of dynamic motion inspired by the surrealism art movement are intricately interconnected in a color story that is anything but humble. Bold streaks of coral dance with mysterious black, the two colors elegantly punctuated by refreshing medium turquoise accents. Delicate touches of saddle brown weave their way into the design, while cadet blue elements provide a steady backdrop for this visually evocative artwork. Perfectly suited to those who prefer one-of-a-kind style, this lining offers an individualistic pop of color to add a touch of the bespoke in your custom-made jacket. While it does not outwardly display, it affirms your well-curated extravagance in wardrobe selections, every time you reach out for your jacket.

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