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Distinctive Linings

Eagle Fauvism Spectrum

Eagle Fauvism Spectrum

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Supplier code: L-001126

Experience your jacket lining take off in an unparalleled fashion with a piece designed in the style of Fauvism. This bold and captivating lining with its distinct design showcases a tableau of an elegant bald eagle in regal flight.

The color palette gives the depiction a deep riveting charm. Darkslategray works as the commanding base, setting the stage for the other colors. Lightcoral leaps into sight, invigorating the piece with a daring contrast, while cornflowerblue and steelblue merge to create delightful nuances of sky and sea alike. To top it all off, darkslateblue is skillfully sprinkled, intensifying the sense of depth and mystery.

This exclusive lining gives your custom-made jacket a vivid and dynamic dialogue of colors. Its style, resonant of Fauvism, will ensure you get an artwork, not just a jacket lining, converging fashion and art.

internal sku: 86394bde-43f1-43f7-850d-15c6e6654702

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