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Elephant Hues Abstract

Elephant Hues Abstract

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Supplier code: L-001348

Discerning tailors will appreciate the unique design of this stunning jacket lining inspired by the visual language of abstract expressionism. The dominant theme of elephants is depicted in a harmonious blend of five sumptuous hues, presenting a compelling balance between the intensity of dark slate gray and the subtlety of light gray.

The design takes a step further in aesthetic complexity by introducing the color elements of dark khaki and dim gray, entwining them effortlessly into the visual narrative. The brown color adds a touch of earthiness, grounding the artistic abstraction in a realm that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality.

The overall effect is a rich tapestry of tones that add depth and visual intrigue to the design, transforming a mere jacket lining into an expression of your personal style. Adventurous in conception, this lining promises to imbue your custom-made jacket with an exclusive charm that is unparalleled.

internal sku: 803c3cc7-41e6-4e4e-8b62-9f66b4298ec3

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